International Journal of Computational Intelligence in Control

ISSN:  0974-8571 

Vol. 12 No. 2 (December, 2020)

1.  Sampled-Data Control for Fuzzy Time-Delay Systems under Time-Varying Sampling

Author: Jun Yoneyama                                                          DOWNLOAD

2.  Structural Reasoning : An Approach to the Evaluation of System State Spaces

Author: Lobov, Jose L. Martinez Lastra                                  DOWNLOAD

3.  Reinforcement Self-Organizing Fuzzy Control Using Ant Colony Optimization

Author: Chia-Feng Juang & Chia-Hung Hsu                             DOWNLOAD

4.  Mathematical Models of Fuzzy PID Controllers with Multi-fuzzy Sets

Author: B. M. Mohan & Arpita Ghosh                                DOWNLOAD

5.  System Identification and Robustness Analysis of the Circadian Regulatory Network via ARX

Stochastic Interactive Model

Author: Cheng-Wei Li, Wen-Chieh Chang & Bor-Sen Chen               DOWNLOAD

6.  Graph-based Selection of Orchestrator Paths in Manufacturing Lines

Author : Corina Popescu and Jose L. Martinez Lastra                       DOWNLOAD

7.  A Robust Fault Detection and Prediction Scheme for Nonlinear Discrete Time Input-Output Systems

Author: Balaje T. Thumati* and S. Jagannathan                          DOWNLOAD

8.  Video Detection, Tracking and Path Planning for Ground Autonomous Systems

Author: N. Aouf, M. Kharbat, Chun Liang, Lin               DOWNLOAD

9.  Adaptive Position Tracking Control of a BLDC Motor using a Recurrent Wavelet Neural Network

Author: Chun-Fei Hsu, Chih-Min Lin Chao-Ming Chung               DOWNLOAD

10.  Synchronization Design of Coupled Chaotic Systems using Fuzzy Approach

Author: Kuang-Yow Lian, Kuo-En Huang and Shu-Wei Yang                      DOWNLOAD

Adaptive Fuzzy Wavelet Neural Network Control for a Class of Nonlinear Systems Using Sliding-Mode


Author: Chun-Fei Hsu Chien-Jung Chiu Chih-Hu Wang and Jang-Zern Tsai        DOWNLOAD    

12. An Algorithm For Estimating The Equilibrium Points In Genetic Regulatory Networks With Polytopic 


Author: Graziano Chesi                              DOWNLOAD

13.  A DNA Number System and its Applications

Author: P. V. Gopalacharyulu and G. P. Raja Sekhar                        DOWNLOAD

14.  Involutive Ideals Defining Algebraic Gradients Of Solutions To Nonstationary Hamilton-Jacobi Equations

Author: Yu Kawano and Toshiyuki Ohtsuka                     DOWNLOAD

15.  Complete D-stability Intervals of Matrices—Generalization of the Stability Feeler

Author: Matsuda, Tadasuke, Kawanishi, Michihiro and Narikiyo, Tatsuo                  DOWNLOAD

16.  Robust D-Stability Analysis Via Positive Polynomials And Lmis

Author: Tanagorn Jennawasin, MichihiroKawanishi and Tatsuo Narikiyo and Chun-Liang Lin       DOWNLOAD

17.  The Pyramid Fuzzy C-means Algorithm

Author: Dan E. Tamir and Abraham Kandel                    DOWNLOAD

18.  Direct Design Of A Suboptimal Model Predictive Controller With A Positive Polynomial Technique

Author: Yasuaki Oishi                   DOWNLOAD

19.  Fixed Length Temperature Gradient Controlled DNA Computing Algorithm for Elevator Dispatching

Author: Don Jyh-Fu Jeng and Junzo Watada                                DOWNLOAD

20.  Intelligent Digital Redesign Of T-S Fuzzy Controller Via Particle Swarm Optimization

Author: Chen-Chien Hsu, Shu-Han Chu and Yi-Hsing Chien                           DOWNLOAD

21.  Backstepping-Based Genetic Fuzzy-Neural Controller And Its Application In Motor Control With Buck

Dc-Dc Converters

Author: Yih-Guang Leu, Jian-You Lin and Yi-Chuan Lu                          DOWNLOAD

22.  Evolutionary Computation And Dsp Based Intelligent Aircraft Landing Control

Author: Jih-Gau Juang, Hou-Kai Chiou and Chia-Ling Lee                               DOWNLOAD

     23.  Measuring Convenience for Human Preferences and Decision Making Using Modified Utility Function

Author: Suprava Devi, Mitali Madhusmita Nayak, Srikanta Patnaik                        DOWNLOAD

     24.  Control of permanent-magnet synchronous motor using a novel switching-table-based DTC with zero

Author: Nadjet Zioui                          DOWNLOAD

     25.  Intelligent Hospital Administration System

Author: K. Sreenath                                                 DOWNLOAD

     26.  Substance Based Separating in a Film Idea Framework

Author: N. Sai Kiran                                                      DOWNLOAD                     

     27.  Network-Assisted Parking System with In-and-Out Web Registration

Author: G L Vara Prasad                                            DOWNLOAD                

     28.  Accomplishing memory leakage flexibility framework utilizing physically unclonable capabilities and Fuzzy Extractor

Author: T. Rajendran                                                               DOWNLOAD      


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 Modified Utility Function. International Journal of Computational Intelligence in Control, 12(2).