Journal of Mathematical Control Science and Applications (JMCSA)

Vol. 4 No. 1 (January-June, 2018), ISSN : 0974-0570

1.  Geometric Conditions for Finite Horizon Noninteraction and Fault Detection Based on the Almost

Controllability Subspace Algorithm

Author: Elena Zattoni                                


2.  Periodic Oscillation for Cohen-Grossberg-type Neural Networks with Neutral Time-varying Delays

Author: Chuanzhi Bai                                                                      


3.  Robust Fuzzy Adaptive Predictive Control

Author: Sofiane Bououden & Salim Filali                                        DOWNLOAD


4.  Nonlinear Dynamic Modeling and Speed Control for a Cruise Missile Turbofan Engine

Author: Tain-Sou Tsay               


5.   Switched Gain Control of Continuous LTI Systems with Asymmetrical Input Constraints


Author: A. Baddouy*, H. Maarouf*, M. Naib** & A. Benzaouia                       


6.   Application of the Taylor Series Method for the Flow of non-Newtonian Fluids between Parallel Plates

Author: A. M. Siddiqui
*, A. Ashraf**, A. Zeb** & Q. K. Ghori                    



7.  Neumann-Morgenstern Stable Set of a Finite Static Strategy Game

Author: Dianyu Jiang                                                                                DOWNLOAD

  8.  Fifth-order Convergent Iterative Method for Solving Nonlinear Equations using Quadrature Formula

Author: Muhammad Aslam Noor                                                            DOWNLOAD