International Journal of Computational Intelligence in Control

ISSN:  0974-8571 

Vol. 11 No. 2 (December, 2019)


1. Robust Adaptive Backstepping Controller for a Class of Nonlinear Cascade Systems via Fuzzy Neural Networks

Author: Ching-Hung Lee*1, Bo-Ren Chung and Jen-Chieh Chien          DOWNLOAD


2. A Genetic Approach for Real-Time Identification and Control of a Helicopter SYSTEM

Author: K. C. Tan†, C. Y. Cheong and Y. Peng                               DOWNLOAD


     3. Combined Servo/Regulation Operation of PID Controllers: Performance Considerations and Autotuning Relations

Author: O. Arrieta* and R. Vilanova


     4. Excitation Control for Damping Inter-Area Oscillations through Recurrent Neural Networks

Author: Gary G. Yen and Xiaochen Hu                    

     5. Quick Fix Management

T.Rajendran                                      DOWNLOAD                               

     6. A well-organized VLSI structure of median filter Using 8 bit data comparator

G.Lakshmi Vara Prasad                                       DOWNLOAD                      

     7. Identification of Breast Cancer using Deep Learning Algorithm with Mammography Images

Author:  K.Sreenath                                    DOWNLOAD                     

     8. Mobile attendance management system for students

Author: Nannuri Suresh                                    DOWNLOAD    

       9. A complaint registration system through web services with the help of online

Dr. D. Venkata Subramanian                                     

       10. A Research on Different Methods for Using Leaf Images to Identify Crop Leaves Pathology

M.Chandra Naik                                       DOWNLOAD

       11. A Volcanic Seismic Activity Morphism to Collect Data from the Cotopaxi Volcano

Author: T. Sunitha                                               DOWNLOAD

       12. An Investigation into the Defensive Issues and Challenges with the Internet of Things

Author: G Siva Prasad                           DOWNLOAD


Author: Shaik Heena                                         DOWNLOAD

      14. Harvesting buckle Conjecture Using Significant Mind Associations

Author: Dr. P. Karunakar Reddy                                   DOWNLOAD

       15. Maintaining confidentiality when sharing health information with CloudLet

Author: Dr. C. Suresh Kumar                               DOWNLOAD

      16. Pitifully Administered Multi-Organ Multi-Illness Grouping of Body CT Outputs

Author: Dr. J. Sasi Kiran                                  DOWNLOAD

       17. Securities exchange Forecast Utilizing LONG Momentary MEMORY (LSTM)

Author: Dr. C. Suresh Kumar                          DOWNLOAD

      18. Spatial Information Study of Corona virus Information

Author: Dr.P.Prabhakaran                            DOWNLOAD

       19. The use of ML for accurate monitoring of cyber-attacks and user acknowledgment

Author: B. Rama Devi                               DOWNLOAD

      20. Tourist Place Reviews Sentiment Classification Using Machine Learning Technique

Author: T. Sunitha                                          DOWNLOAD

        21. Utilizing Machine Learning and Big Data in Healthcare Systems

Author: Shaik.Mahaboob Basha                                    DOWNLOAD