Global and Stochastic Analysis

Special Issue: 25th International Conference of Forum for Interdisciplinary Mathematics (FIM)



1.       Design Effects of Complex Sampling Strategy on A NOVA Mixed Effects Model -- an Empirical Study

Author: G.C. Tikkiwal          DOWNLOAD


2.       Entropy Generation for MHD Radiative Compressible Fluid Flow in a Channel
Partially Filled with Porous Medium

Author: Shalini Jain, VikasKumar and Shweta Bohra      DOWNLOAD


3.       Numerical Study of Unsteady Inclined MHD Casson Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer
through Porous Medium along a Vertical Sheet

Author: Preeti Gupta and Shalini Jain       DOWNLOAD


4.       Comparative Study of Flow and Heat Transfer Behavior of Newtonian and non-Newtonian
Fluids Over a Permeable Stretching Surface

Author: Amit Parmar and Shalini Jain                 DOWNLOAD


5.       Majorization Properties for Certain Class of Analytic Functions Associated
with the Generalized Derivative Operator

Author: Garima Agarwal          DOWNLOAD


6.       Evaluation of Pre-Assessment Method on Improving Students Performance in Linear Algebra Course

Author: N. Lohgheswary, Z.M. Nopiah, A.A. Azizand E. Zakaria        DOWNLOAD


7.       A Study on Uniformity Tests Under Various Alternatives

               Author: Tripakshi Borthakur and Bipin Gogoi                DOWNLOAD


8.       Soret and Dufour Effectson MHDFluid Flow due to Moving Permeable Cylinder with Radiation

Author: Rakesh Choudhary and Shalini Jain            DOWNLOAD



9.       Symmetric Chi-Square Divergence, Bounds and Resistor-Average Distance

Author: Ram Naresh Saraswat and Neha Khatod                              DOWNLOAD


10.       Study of t-generalise Lauricella Function with Properties

  Author: Ekta Mittal, Sunil Joshi and Shilpa                       DOWNLOAD


11.     Power of Control Chart for Singly Truncated Binomial Distribution under Inspection Error

Author: J.R. Singh and U. Mishra                      DOWNLOAD



      12.    Some Fixed Point Theorems in Generating Polish Space of Quasi Metric Family

               Author:  Arjun Kumar Mehraand Manoj Kumar Shukla                         DOWNLOAD

13.     Cryptanalysis of Efficient Certificateless Aggregate Signature Scheme

               Author: Pankaj Kumar, Vishnu Sharma, and Vinod Kumar                        DOWNLOAD

     14.     Exponential Smoothing Modeling and Forecasting for Incidence of Tuberculosis in India

               Author: M. J. Thirunavukkarasu