International Journal of Qualitative Theory of Differential Equations and Applications 

Vol. 6 No. 1 (January-June, 2020)


1.  Growth and Complex Oscillation of Differential Polynomials Generated by Solutions of Differential Equations 

Author: Benharrat Bela¨ıdi¤, Abdallah El Farissi                              DOWNLOAD


2.  Difference methods for infinite systems of parabolic functional differential equations 

Author: Wojciech Czernous                                  DOWNLOAD


3.  Delay-Range-Dependent Absolute Stability Systems with Time-Varying Delay

Author: Abdallah Ben Abdallah, Imen Ellouze, Mohamed Ali Hammami                   DOWNLOAD


4.   An affirmative answer to “Gopalsamy and Liu’s conjecture” on population models with multiple piecewise constant arguments

Author: Eleonora Messina, Yoshiaki Muroya, Yukihiko Nakata, Elvira Russo, Antonia Vecchio      


5.   First order partial functional di_erential inequalities

Author: Elbieta Puniakowska – Gauch                               DOWNLOAD


6.   On nonlinear functional parabolic equations with state-dependent delays of Volterra type

Author: L´aszl´o Simon                            DOWNLOAD