International Journal of Qualitative Theory of Differential Equations and Applications

Volume 5, Number 1  January-June  (2019)


1.  Hopfield-type neural networks systems with piecewise constant argument

Author: M. U. Akhmet
, E. Yılmaz                               DOWNLOAD


2.  Creating a chaos in a system with relay

Author: M. U. Akhmet                                              


3.  Successive approximation technique for investigation of solutions of some linear boundary
value problems
for functional-differential equations with special deviation of argument

Author: Andras Ronto
,, Miklos Ronto                     


4.  On the fundamental solution of a linear delay differential equation

Author: Tibor Krisztin                                        DOWNLOAD


5.  Global stability and bifurcations in a delayed discrete population model

Author: Eduardo Liz                                         DOWNLOAD


6.  Preservation of bifurcations under Runge-Kutta methods 

Author: Lajos Loczi, Joseph Paez Chavez                                 DOWNLOAD