International Journal of Computational Vision and Biomechanics 

ISSN: 0973-6778

Vol. 1 No. 2 (December , 2015)

1.       Mass lesion detection in mammographic images using Haralik textural features

Author : S. Tangaro, F. De Carlo and G. Gargano                                                                     DOWNLOAD PDF


2.       Small Animal Simulation Studies using the microPET® FOCUS system
and the GATE platform

Author : 
S. Branco, P. Almeida and S. Jan                                                                                 DOWNLOAD PDF


3.       Dynamic parametric surface deformation using finite elements based
on B-splines

Author :
Manuel González-Hidalgo, Arnau Mir and Gabriel Nicolau                                      DOWNLOAD PDF



4.       Applications of Digital Geometry to Surface Reconstruction

Author :
Valentin E. Brimkov and Reneta Barneva                                                                   DOWNLOAD PDF


5.       Dynamic neighborhoods in active surfaces for 3D segmentation

Author : 
Julien Olivier, Julien Mille, Romuald Boné and Jean-Jacques Rousselle                   DOWNLOAD PDF 


6.       Shape-preserving mesh simplification based on curvature measures from
the Polyhedral Gauss Map

Author : 
G. Echeverria and L. Alboul                                                                                       DOWNLOAD PDF


7.       Road Extraction from High-resolution Satellite Images Using Level
Set Methods

Author :
Zhen Ma and Ji-tao Wu                                                                                               DOWNLOAD PDF