International Journal of Qualitative Theory of Differential Equations and Applications

Volume 4, Number 2 , July-December (2018)


1.   Stability Regions for Linear Delay Differential Equations with Four Parameters

Author: Hideaki Matsunaga                                 DOWNLOAD


2.   Oscillatory Properties of Almost Periodic Solutions to Second Order Abstract Evolution Equations

Leopold Herrmann                       DOWNLOAD


3.   Application of difference equations in insurance mathematics and process engineering

Author: Eva Orban-Mihalyko, Csaba Mihalyko, Bela G. Lakatos                    DOWNLOAD


4.   Lyapunov pairs for semilinear evolutions

Author: Ovidiu Carja, Alina Lazu                        DOWNLOAD


5.   Bifurcations of a one-loop circadian rhythm model

Author:: Balint Nagy