Content 2015

      1.      On Condensing Perturbations of Closed Linear Surjective Operators

Author: B.D. Gel'man and S.N. Kalabukhova    DOWNLOAD PDF


      2.      Stochastic Delay Equations and Inclusions with Mean Derivatives on Riemannian Manifolds. II

Author: Yuri E. Gliklikh and Salah E.A. Mohammed  DOWNLOAD PDF


3.      Heat Kernel Estimates on a Connected Sum of Two Copies of Rn Along a Surface of Revolution

Author: Alexander Grigor’yan and Satoshi Ishiwata  DOWNLOAD PDF


      4.      Using Lyapunov Functions in Proofs of Existence of Solutions to Stochastic Equations

Author: A.I. Kirillov DOWNLOAD PDF


      5.      Petrov Invariants for 1-D Control Hamiltonian Systems

Author: Alexei G. Kushner and Valentin V. Lychagin DOWNLOAD PDF


      6.      On Solvability of Stochastic Differential Inclusions with Current Velocities. II

Author: Alla V. Makarova DOWNLOAD PDF