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Ji-Huan He

Modern Textile Institute, Donghua University, Shanghai, China


IJENA aim to provides an ideal forum for presenting original reports of theoretical and experimental research on electrospun nanofibers and their applications. Systems in nano-scale may possess entirely new physical and chemical characteristics that result in properties that are neither well described by those of a single molecule of the substance, nor by those of the bulk material. Electrospinning technology bridges the gap between deterministic laws (Newton mechanics) and probabilistic laws (quantum mechanics). The quantum-like properties have been demonstrated for unusually strength, high surface energy, surface reactivity, and high thermal conductivity. Using these properties raises the potential of electrospun nanofibers to make things possible at the nano level that is impossible at the level of the visible world. The electrospinning technology must lead to the beginning of a new materials revolution.

Research areas of interest mainly include:

1.     New electrospun nanofibers

2.     New apparatuses for preparing for electrospun nanofibers

3.     New applications of electrospun nanofibers

4.     New phenomena in fabrication and application of electrospun nanofibers

5.     Mathematical model for the electrospinning procedure

6.  New theories for explanation of new phenomena including nano-effects and quantum-like properties in electrospunnanofibers

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