Vol. 6 No. 1 (JUNE, 2020)


     1. Electrospinning Drug-loaded Poly (Butylenes Succinate-co-bytylene Terephthalate) (PBST) with Acetylsalicylic Acid (Aspirin)

Author: Yue Wu, Ji-Huan He, Lan Xu, Jian-Yong Yu                            DOWNLOAD

      2. Effect of Voltage on Morphology and Diameter of Electrospun Nanofibers

Author: Yong Liu, Ji-Huan He, Lan Xu, Jian-Yong Yu                               DOWNLOAD


      3. Vibration-Electrospinning for High-concentration Poly (butylene succinate) / chloroform Solution

Author: Yu-Qin Wan, Ji-Huan He, Lan Xu, Jian-Yong Yu                                                        DOWNLOAD


      4. Single and Composite Electrospun PCL and PLCG Fibers and Their Biological Properties

Author: Sineenat Siri, Geerada Kaewjumpol, Yanee Trongpanich, Santi Maensiri          DOWNLOAD


      5. The Political Economy of Nanotechnology and the Developing World

Author: M.S. Elnaschie                  DOWNLOAD


      6. Uniaxial Assembly of Nanostructured Materials by Electrospinning 


Author: Haiqing Liu, Jun Kameoka, H.G. Craighead                  DOWNLOAD


      7. Preparation of Mullite Nanofibers via sol-gel and Electrospinning Techniques

Author: N. Dharmaraj, Chul Ki Kim, P. Prabhu, Bin Ding, Hak Yong Kim, P. Viswanathamurthi        DOWNLOAD


      8. Preliminary Investigation of Electrospun Collagen and Polydioxanone for Vascular Tissue Engineering Applications

Author: Catherine P. barnes, Scott A. Sell, Danielle C. Knapp, Beat H. Walpoth, David D. Brand & Gary L. Bowlin        DOWNLOAD