Journal of Mathematical Control Science and Applications (JMCSA)

Vol. 5 No. 2 (July-December, 2019), ISSN: 0974-0570

1.   Variational Theorem of Two-Temperature Generalized Thermoelasticity

Author:   Hamdy M. Youssef & Nasser M. El-Maghraby                               DOWNLOAD


2.  An Age-Structured Resource-Consumer Dynamical Model

Author:   Jean M. Tchuenche                                           


3.  Modelling the Critical Characteristic Area for the Control of Tuberculosis in Densely Populated Communities

Author:   J. Y. T. Mugisha
y, A. Ssematimba, L. S. Luboobi & H. Ddumba                

4.  On Some Classes of the Existence of Generalized Ricci Recurrent Manifolds

Mohd Vasiulla                                       DOWNLOAD 

5.  Radiation Effect to MHD Oscillatory Flow in a Channel Filled through a Porous Medium with Heat Generation

D. Chenna Kesavaiah                                    DOWNLOAD