Set-Valued Mathematics and Applications

ISSN : 0973-7375

Founding Editor-in-Chief:

Late Prof. Zelinskyi Yurii Borisovich
Institute of Mathematics
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine


Prof. Kamal Soltanov
Professor at the Department of Mathematics 
of the Igdir University University in Turkey

Set-valued mathematics and applications (SVMA) publishes research and survey papers on a wide range of set-valued mathematics, giving preference to those that employ topological methods. Papers in other domains that are of interest in the treatment of set-valued problems may also be included. The aim to the journal will be to publish high quality articles and provide a platform to author where they can publish their articles free of charge.


Set-valued mathematics and applications (SVMA) is published by two times in a year.

Authors are advised to send manuscripts directly to appropriate member of Editorial Board whose area of expertise is most closely related to the subject field of the article. Only when in doubts to the appropriate member of the Editorial Board, should manuscripts be send to the Editorial Board 

Manuscripts assumed to be in final form, are accepted with the understanding that the same work has not been submitted elsewhere.  The corresponding author receives proofs which should be corrected and returned to Editorial Board within 48 hours of receipt.

Submission: Authors are requested to submit their papers electronically to the Editor-in-Chief email: 

Frequency: Two issues per year are published.

Article Processing Charges: Their is no publication charges nor the Article Processing Fee. 

Memorial Personalia to Prof. Yuriy B. Zelinsky  

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