Vol. 2 No. 2 (July-December, 2016)


1.       Synchronization in a Generally Coupled Dynamical Systems

Author: Xiong Xiaohua, Hong Shaonan Hong & Zhou Tianshou               DOWNLOAD 


2.       Global Stability of an Epidemic Model with Super-infection

Author:  Junli Liu* & Tailei Zhang                            


3.       Modelling the Effect of Precipitation on the Removal of Gaseous Pollutants Forming Secondary Species and Particulate Matters

Author: Ram Naresh and Shyam Sundar                 DOWNLOAD 


4.       Fifth-order Convergent Iterative Method for Solving Nonlinear Equations using Quadrature Formula

Author: Muhammad Aslam Noor                     DOWNLOAD 


5.       Neumann-Morgenstern Stable Set of a Finite Static Strategy Game

Author: Dianyu Jiang                                   DOWNLOAD 

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