Vol. 1 No. 2 (July-December, 2015)

1.       An SEIR Epidemic Model with Profitless Latent Period Time Delay and Pulse Vaccination

Author: Xinzhu Meng, Huidong Cheng, Lansun Chen                 DOWNLOAD 


2.       Robust Stability of Uncertain Lurie-type Neutral System with Delays

Author: Zhengrong Zhao, Wei Wang1 & Bin Yang                    DOWNLOAD 

3.       On-Line Computing and Control for Decoupling Multivariable Processes with Gain and Phase Specifications

Author: Tain-Sou Tsay                 


4.       Non-fragile Control of Fuzzy Systems With Parametric Uncertainties and Distributed Delays

Author: Jin Wang* and Shengyuan Xu             


5.       A New Quasi-Filled Function Method for Constrained Global Optimization

Author: Weixiang Wang*, Youlin Shang** & Liansheng Zhang          DOWNLOAD