International Journal of Qualitative Theory of Differential Equations and Applications

Volume 2, Number 1  January-June (2016)


Table of Contents


1.      Linearized Oscillation of Odd Order Nonlinear Neutral Delay Differential Equations (II)

Author: X. H. Tang  DOWNLOAD PDF

2.      Oscillation for an Odd-Order Delay Difference Equation with Several Delays

Author: Xiaoping Wang , Lihong Huang DOWNLOAD PDF

3.      Convergence of Discrete–Time Neural Networks with Delays
Auhor: Lin Wang, Xingfu Zou  DOWNLOAD PDF

4.      On the oscillation of a two-dimensional delay differential system

Author: Peixuan Weng, Zhiting Xu DOWNLOAD PDF


5.      Exponential Stability of a Class of Neural Networks with Time-Varying Delay

Author: Jingbing Wu, Lihong Huang DOWNLOAD PDF


6.      A New Approach to the Boundary Value Problems of Discrete Hamiltonian Systems

Author: Jianshe Yu, Zhan Zhou DOWNLOAD PDF


7.      On the Almost Periodic Solution of a Class of Singularly Perturbed Differential
Equations with Piecewise Constant Argument

Author: Rong Yuan DOWNLOAD PDF


8.      Periodicity in Neutral Functional Differential Equations by Direct Fixed Point Mapping

Author: Bo Zhang DOWNLOAD PDF


9.      Periodic Solutions of Second-order Nonautonomous Impulsive Differential Equations

Author: Hao Zhang, Zhixiang Li  DOWNLOAD PDF


10.  Permanence Implies the Existence of Interior Periodic Solutions for FDEs

Author: Xiao-Qiang Zhao  DOWNLOAD PDF



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