Stochastic Modeling and Applications

                                                                           Vol. 19, No. 2 (December, 2015)

1.      Markovian systems of transition expectations

Author: Volkmar Liebscher and Michael Skeide

2.      Using weights for the description of states of boson systems

Author: Volkmar Liebscher

3.      Generalized Cauchy-Stieltjes transforms of some beta distributions

Author: Nizar Demni

4.      Unbounded positive solutions of nonlinear parabolic Itô equations

Author: Pao-Liu Chow

5.      Local time for Gaussian processes as an element of Sobolev space

Author: Alexey Rudenko

6.      Generating functions of Jacobi polynomials

Author: Izumi Kubo

7.      Representations of the Gegenbauer oscillator algebra and the overcompleteness of sequences of nonlinear coherent states

Author: Abdessatar Barhoumi

8.      Markovian properties of the Pauli-Fierz model

Author: Ameur Dhahri