Instruction to Author

Aim and Scope: The International Journal of Computational Intelligence in Control (IJCIC) is a peer-reviewed journal of analytical, computational and experimental studies of computational intelligence in control.

The journal publishes high-quality and insightful papers on the theory, design, and application of computational intelligence, including neural networks. fuzzy systems, genetic algorithms, bioinformatics and soft computing systems, in control.

Process for Submission of a Manuscript

IJCIC publishes annually two issues of the journal. Two types of contributions are considered:

1. Regular Paper: n-depth presentations of research, development, or applications of computational intelligence in control.

2. Short Paper: Brief presentations of new concepts and developments of computational intelligence in control.
All contributions are handled in the same procedure. Authors wishing to submit manuscripts to IJCIC must confirm that the manuscripts have not been previously published, nor are they under consideration for publication elsewhere. IJCIC will not publish papers that fail to abide to this condition.

All manuscripts should be submitted electronically in Portable Document Format (PDF) accompanied with a cover letter to Email:

The corresponding author will be responsible for making page proof and signing off for printing on behalf of other co-authors.

General Guidelines

The instructions listed below serves as guidelines for authors that wish to submit manuscripts to IJCIC. All papers must be written in English and arranged in the following order of presentation:

The FIRST PAGE of all manuscripts must consist:

TITLE: A concise title appropriate for the manuscript is required. Refrain from using symbols.

AUTHORS: All authors of a paper should provide their full names, affiliations and email addresses. One author

should be identified as the orrespondng author.

ABSTRACT: Abstracts have a length requirement of 100 to 200 words for Regular Papers and 50-75 words for

Short Papers. Refrain from using symbols. equations, footnotes, and references in the context of the abstracts.

KEYWORDS: Four to six keywords are required for all manuscripts.

FOOTNOTES: If desired.

MAIN TEXT: All submitted manuscripts should be type written as concisely as possible. Regular papers are limited to 20 typed pages, double-spaced and should not have more than a total of 12 figures and tables. Short papers are limited to 10 typed pages, double spaced and should not have more than a total of 6 figures and tables. The text should be no larger than 12 points in type size with 6.5-inch line length. All equations and formulas should be numbered sequentially on the right-hand side using Arabic numerals. Only SI Units are to be used in the papers.

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: Acknowledgments and financial support.

REFERENCES: References to published literature must be cited in the text using square brackets. All reference

should be numbered in a single sequence by alphabetical order according to the last name.

[1] Liaw, C. M., Shue, R.Y., Chen, H. C. and Chen, S.C., “Development of a linear brushless DC motor drive with robust position control,” Proc. Inst. Elect. Eng. Elect. Power Applicat., 148, 111-118, 2001.

[2] Dudek, G., Freedman, P., and Hadjres, S., “Using local information in a non-local wafor mapping graph-like worlds,” in Proc. Int. Joint Conf. on Artif. lntell., Menlo Park, CA, pp. 1639-1645, 1993.

[3] Zhou, K. and Doyle, J. C., Essentials of Robust Control, Prentice Hall: New Jersey, 1998.

TABLES: Table(s) with caption(s) should be placed on individual sheets.

FIGURES: Figure(s) with caption(s) should be placed on individual sheets. Illustrations should be perfectly legible with the best quality the author can provide.

All lettering in the figures and illustrations should be large enough such that the letters will be legible when reduced to one-fourth of the original size. All figures must be numbered in the order which they appear in the manuscript. Figure captions are placed below each corresponding figure.

Figures and tables should be placed at the end of manuscript.

Authors of accepted papers must supply an electronic copy of the article in MS Word to the chief editor.


This publication contains information obtained from authentic and highly regarded sources. Reasonable effort has been made to publish reliable data and information, but the author and the publisher cannot assume responsibility for the validity of all materials or for the consequences of the use.