International Journal of Computational 

Vision and Biomechanics

ISSN: 0973-6778 

1.       Multibody Dynamics Analysis and Design of an Ankle Foot Orthosis to 
Support Locomotion

Paula Silva, Miguel T. Silva and Jorge Martins                                                                           

2.       Dynamic Modeling and Analysis of Human Locomotion Using Multibody 
System Methodologies

Fernando Meireles, Margarida Machado, Miguel Silva and Paulo Flores                                  

3.       Computer analysis of objects’ Movement in Image Sequences: 
Methods and Applications

João Manuel R. S. Tavares, Fernando Carvalho, Francisco Oliveira, Ilda Reis, 
Maria Vasconcelos, Patrícia Gonçalves, Raquel Pinho and Zhen Ma                                                       


4.       Multibody Dynamics Methodologies for Road Accidents

Ricardo J.F. Portal and João M.P. Dias                                                                                       

5.    Modelling of the Multi-body Dynamics of the Human Hand

Carvalho A. and Suleman A.