International Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology

ISSN: 0974-8385

1. Applying Important-Performance Analysis to Home Stay Service Performance 

Author: Han-Chen Huang, Chung Hua         DOWNLOAD

2. Spectrum Occupancy in Rural Nigeria: A Case for A Lightly Licensed Spectrum Band for Rural Broadband Enhancement

Author: Emmanuel A. Ubom, Aloysius C. Akpanobong and Ubong Ukommi    DOWNLOAD

3. Exploring Factors Influencing the Adoption of Online Shopping with Saudi E-Shops, Female Perspective

Author: Noura Mohammed Aldaej,        DOWNLOAD

4. Swedish Student-Teachers in Digital Activities: Digital Competence Through Development-Oriented Thesis Projects

Author: Peter Karlsudd                DOWNLOAD

5. Design and Implementation of A Raspberry-pi Based Home Security and Fire Safety System

Author: Sajid M. Sheikh, Modise K. Neiso and Fatma Ellouze          DOWNLOAD