International Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology

ISSN: 0974-8385

1. Coloured Algebras and Biological Response in Quantum Biological Computing Architectures

Author: L-F Pau and P. Borza               DOWNLOAD

2. A Comparative Study E-Commerce Development Method: Adapting an Agile Approach in Mobile Occasion E – Commerce System

Author: Beshair Khalid Alsiddiq and Nor Shahida Mohd Jamail       DOWNLOAD

3. An Effect of Using A Storage Medium in Dijkstra Algorithm Performance for Ideal Implicit Path Cost

Author: Ibtusam Alashoury and Mabroukah Amarif       DOWNLOAD

4. Big Data in Cloud Computing Review and Opportunities 

Author: Manoj Muniswamaiah, Tilak Agerwala and Charles Tappert   DOWNLOAD

5. Remote Monitoring L.V. Switchboard Power Status with 5G New Radio Network Application

Author: Tony Tsang and Lam Sai Chung   DOWNLOAD