VOL. 2 NO. 2 (DECEMBER, 2014)



1.       Dynamics of Foreign Direct Investment Flows in Romania

 Author: NITU Oana, NITU Claudiu Valentin, CONDREA Elena, CONSTANDACHE Mihaela,  DUHNEA Cristina 

 Page No: 37-49                                                                                                           PDF


  2.       Adoption of the Principle of ‘Invitation to Treat’ in Islamic Law of Contracts

Author: Dr. Md. Abdul Jalil

 Page No: 51- 68                                                                                                          PDF


 3.       Normal- and Reversed-Phase of 16,17-Secoestra-1,3,5(10)triene  Derivatives on Chemically Bonded Phases

 Author: Marijana M. Ačanski, Zvonko B. Nježić, Srđan M. Radak

 Page No: 69-80                                                                                                           PDF